First, let me say I hate being cold.  But even more than that, I hate being wet and cold.  So, when I agreed to go to a Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga class this past weekend, I couldn’t tell you what I was thinking…

Standup Paddle Board Yoga is exactly what it states.  Participants move through a flow of  yoga poses while balancing on an anchored paddle board in the middle of the water.  Oh, and the anchor is just there to keep you from floating away from the group…it provides NO stability.

On order to participate in paddle board yoga, one must first learn how to paddle board.  Thankfully, this was much easier that I thought.  I started out slowly on my knees to get a hang of the paddling technique, then made my way to my feet.  It was quite a windy day and paddling into the wind provided quite a challenge.  To get anywhere, you really have to put your whole body into it, especially if you’re headed into the wind!  Not wanting to be left behind, I gave it my all and managed to stay with the group.

So, after some serious paddling, several anchoring attempts, and finally a successful anchoring, our yoga practice began.  We started out with some very simple yoga poses to help us get acclimated to moving on the paddle board.  Once comfortable, our instructor lead us through a flow of yoga poses that got progressively more challenging.  This was, by far, the best part of my yoga experience.  Unlike traditional yoga where it is easy to skip out on the “be present in the moment” part of the practice.  On the paddle board it is impossible. You have no choice but to focus only on what you are doing.  Add in the feel of the wind and warmth of the sunshine and I can’t think of much that’s better.

Our trip back to the dock, paddling with the wind, took almost no time at all.  But, it wasn’t until I set foot on the dock that I realized, despite my fear and worry, I didn’t fall in the water.  I had made it through the whole experience happy, warm and dry.  And, even better…I was looking forward to doing to again!

That’s me in the black bikini!

To learn more about Stand-Up PaddleBoard Yoga or to sneak one last session in before the warm weather leaves us for the season click:

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