Meet the Casaba Melon

When I went home to visit my parents last weekend I found there was a little something different on the produce table at the grocery store.  To celebrate Father’s Day we decided to have a little family cook out.  Not knowing what everyone wanted, and not wanting to do the shopping alone, my mother waited … Continue reading Meet the Casaba Melon

Baked A Cake and Ate It, Too

When I see gaggles of school aged children wandering aimlessly down my street in the middle of the day, it can only mean one thing.  School’s out, summer is officially here, and the season of the backyard barbecue has begun. Usually, I love to bring giant green salads (like this one) or meat for grilling … Continue reading Baked A Cake and Ate It, Too

Berry Good Scones

I had the urge to bake something last night.  Something luscious,something buttery, something undeniably cake-like.  What can I say...old habits die hard 🙂  So, instead of reaching for my trusted Bette Crocker cookbook and churning out something that would be absolutely delicious, but leave me feeling less than spectacular afterward, I reached for this cookbook … Continue reading Berry Good Scones