Ditch the Negative Crap

When asked to recall the events of 2012, either events in your personal life or world events, what do you most remember? Go ahead…take a minute and think.  If you’ve got a pen and paper handy, or can quickly open a word doc, write down what comes to mind.

How many events were you able to recall?  What percentage of those events would you consider to be positive?  What percentage are negative?  Unfortunately, most of us human beings have an easier time recalling the negative events that have taken place than we do the positive events.  And focusing on the negative will only bring about more negativity.  Now, I don’t know anyone who’s ever said, “I could use some more negativity in my life,” but I know plenty would could benefit from a whole lot more positivity (myself included – I am a natural born pessimist).

161112bThe solution?  A Jar of Good Things.  Instead of making a bunch of New Year’s resolutions this year – that, let’s be honest….won’t be kept – find a large jar or other container with a lid that can easily be opened and closed.  Starting on January 1st, put this jar someplace conspicuous with a pen and scraps of paper near by.  Then every day, every week, or every time you remember to, write down something positive and place it in the jar….accomplishments, things you are thankful for, health milestones, friends you have made, memories you want to cherish, anything you can think of.  Encourage everyone in your household to add to the jar with their own positivity.  At the close of 2013, open your jar and revel in a year’s worth of positive thoughts and memories.

So, if the law of attraction is really true – you attract back to you whatever type of energy you put out into the universe – think of what a whole year of positive thinking could do for you.


2 thoughts on “Ditch the Negative Crap

  1. Deb Deacon says:

    Kathryn…I LOVE this idea and I am going to do it! You can’t be a natural born pessimist as you always have something good to say, add, contribute and share—that my friend, is an optimist!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope I can see you in the new year and ‘catch up!’ HAPPY HAPPY….Deb 🙂

    • Kathryn says:

      Deb – I wish you nothing but the best in 2013…you have earned it more than anyone I know! That jar is going to be jam packed 🙂 Happy New Year and we will definitely catch up soon!

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