I was in the mood for a little taste of childhood last night.  One of the special treats my mother used to make was a fruit salad called Ambrosia.  This is a recipe that has many different incarnations and nearly everyone has their own special version.  My mother’s went something like this: Ingredients: 1 can … Continue reading Ambrosia

The Cream in My Coffee

When I changed my diet I found one of the hardest things to eliminate was a staple in my morning routine.  That's right, I am talking about coffee. Back in the day I was a CoffeeMate/International Delight flavored creamer addict.  I usually had two going in my refrigerator, different flavors of course, but also kept … Continue reading The Cream in My Coffee

I Want Cereal!

A few nights ago I dreamed I ate a very large bowl of cereal.  But, it wasn’t just any cereal, it was one of the foods I had the hardest time breaking up with when I began to eat a cleaner diet.  My ex...Kashi Go Lean Crunch.  You know, the cereal that boasts it contains … Continue reading I Want Cereal!

We Want Options!

I love eating out as much as the next person, but when you choose to lead a Paleo/Primal lifestyle sometimes it can sometimes be quite difficult.  Do any of these sound familiar? Scenario #1: My best option is a side salad...everything else is breaded or fried.  Wait, who picked this place? Scenario #2:  Can I … Continue reading We Want Options!