This Is Why I CrossFit

CrossFit Route 1 has just changed locations (come check us out!) and that means I got a new office space.  So, to celebrate, I headed down to IKEA to for some brand new office furniture…alone.

I’ve always been a “I’ll do it myself” kind of girl, and a few years ago buying an entire office worth of furniture from a place where you have to do all the heavy lifting yourself would have been a daunting task.  So daunting in fact that I might not have even tried knowing that I likely wouldn’t be able to lift all of the boxes.

I wasn’t that I wasn’t in shape.  I went to the gym most days of the week mixing it up between an hour long session of assorted cardio, and a strength training class called Group Power.  The thing is, for all the time I put into the gym, I still had little in the way of functional strength.  Lifting everyday things, like the vacuum, the laundry basket, or the groceries, felt heavy.  Because of this, a task like going to IKEA alone would have been out of the question.

This time I didn’t think twice.  I knew what I needed to do, and I had the confidence in my own abilities to get it done.  I am stronger than I ever have been.  But, even better than just plain strong – I am functionally strong.  So, earlier this this week, when a new client ask me about the benefits of CrossFit, my reply was simple – it makes everything else you do in life easier.

So, reader, why do you crossfit?  And, if you don’t…what is keeping you from taking the first step through the door?

My new office!

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