Finding Your 2012 CSA

Its that time of year again…

Right this moment you have the opportunity to receive a bounty of farm fresh vegetables each and every week throughout the growing season without having to tend a garden.  How is this possible?  Three little words.  Community Shared Agriculture (CSA).  If the idea of Farm to Tablereally appeals to you, but you don’t have the time or space to grow a garden big enough to support your families food needs, the CSA may be a perfect fit.

  • Learn more about what a CSA is and how it works here.
  • Find a local farm offering CSA shares here.
  • Think a CSA share may be too much?  Check out your local Farmer’s Markets here.

In addition to supporting local farms, belonging to the CSA or visiting a Farmer’s Market offers significant nutritional advantages.  The more time your food spends between the farm and your table, the less valuable it becomes.  Read more about the connection between time and the nutritional value of your food here.

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