Antibacterial? Ditch it…NOW!

Tis the season for cold and flu prevention.  Everywhere you go there are wipes, wall mounted dispensaries, and pump bottles full of hand sanitizer.  Bathrooms are stocked with antibacterial soaps and we are encouraged to throughly wash our hands at every opportunity.  We’ve even gone so far as to make articles of clothing, shoes, even … Continue reading Antibacterial? Ditch it…NOW!

Playing the Numbers Game

During our first meeting I ask each of my clients to establish goals - where would they like to be, or where do they see themselves 1, 3, and 6 months from now. In almost every single case, weight loss - as in a decrease in pounds on a scale - shows up on the … Continue reading Playing the Numbers Game

Pumpkin Custard

Welcome to my most favorite week of the year.  For reasons I can not quite articulate, this week of the year, filled with so many traditions, so much warmth, and so much love, is in my mind, simply the best. And, speaking of traditions... I am a sucker for pumpkin pie.  It has always been … Continue reading Pumpkin Custard

Giving Thanks

A few years ago Thanksgiving came twice for me.  The first Thanksgiving happened a few days before the regularly scheduled event.  Before our group had scattered and retreated back to the families we are related to.  At this first of two Thanksgivings, I wasn’t related to a single person, but they are people I think … Continue reading Giving Thanks

More is Less

It seems everyone I talk to recently wants to lose a little (or a lot) of weight.  The problem is, no one I talk to is really sure the best way to go about it.  For years we’ve been told if you want to weigh less, you need to eat less - as if our … Continue reading More is Less

Happy Halloween!

Soon Trick or Treaters will be knocking on your doors...and while the jumbo bowl of candy may be ready to go, how much of it will really make it into the hands of of those cute little costumed kiddos?  Whether its the kids' trick or treating bounty, or the left over candy bowl, most of … Continue reading Happy Halloween!


First, let me say I hate being cold.  But even more than that, I hate being wet and cold.  So, when I agreed to go to a Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga class this past weekend, I couldn't tell you what I was thinking... Standup Paddle Board Yoga is exactly what it states.  Participants move … Continue reading SUP YO!