Pancakes: Too Good to Be True?

Sometimes you just want some good old fashioned pancakes, you know? Those of us who live a grain free lifestyle know what I am talking about.  There are tons of recipes for all different types of gluten free, or grain free, or paleo pancakes, but somehow they never really make the grade.  They are often … Continue reading Pancakes: Too Good to Be True?

You’re Invited

For nearly 2 years, Evan and I have been purchasing our grassed beef exclusively from Wheel View Farm.  Earlier this year many of you had the opportunity to try the locally raised grass-fed beef from Wheel View Farm for yourselves!  To say thank you, Wheel View Farm has opened its doors and you're invited! Wheel … Continue reading You’re Invited


You’ve seen them, perhaps envied their “perfect genetics”, maybe strived to mold yourself into one of them.  Their bodies are plastered on nearly every magazine...the women who appear slender, athletic, and perfectly proportioned in their clothes.  You wonder what lifestyle allows them to maintain their physique.  And then you see that “perfect body” bikini clad … Continue reading SkinnyFat