Why I Love Coconuts (and You Should, Too!): Part 2

Coconut Water What do you drink when you want to drink something other than water? For me, it was always cranberry juice.  Back in the day I would drink Ocean Spray cranberry juice drink (sugar free, of course) like it was going out of style.  The words juice drink and sugar free, despite the sweet … Continue reading Why I Love Coconuts (and You Should, Too!): Part 2

Money in Your Pocket

This intrigues me...there are now websites designed to help you keep track of your exercise habits and reward you (in some cases monetarily) for doing what you set out to do. When we first seek to get (back) in shape starting is the hardest thing.  We can't believe how out of shape we are and … Continue reading Money in Your Pocket


Did you find it a little harder to stay focused at work today even after you had that extra cup of coffee?  You're not alone.  Today is the least productive Monday of the entire calendar year.  Yes, even less productive than the Monday after Super Bowl when the rate of absenteeism is at its highest. … Continue reading Cyberloafing