Are You Gonna Eat That?

When we choose to change our eating habits food oriented family gatherings - like Thanksgiving and Christmas - can present some of our biggest food and lifestyle challenges.  The following article, written by Amy Kubal for Robb Wolf’s (the author of The Paleo Solution) blog, provides some helpful tips and tricks for navigating the family … Continue reading Are You Gonna Eat That?

Pumpkin Custard

Welcome to my most favorite week of the year.  For reasons I can not quite articulate, this week of the year, filled with so many traditions, so much warmth, and so much love, is in my mind, simply the best. And, speaking of traditions... I am a sucker for pumpkin pie.  It has always been … Continue reading Pumpkin Custard

Giving Thanks

A few years ago Thanksgiving came twice for me.  The first Thanksgiving happened a few days before the regularly scheduled event.  Before our group had scattered and retreated back to the families we are related to.  At this first of two Thanksgivings, I wasn’t related to a single person, but they are people I think … Continue reading Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving is all about tradition, but when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle some of our go-to Thanksgiving recipes may no longer fit the bill.  Does this mean we will never have these foods again?  Absolutely not!  With a little creativity our favorite foods can still provide all the comfort of our traditional Thanksgiving … Continue reading Thanksgiving Recipes