Figs: My New Obsession

One of my all time favorite fruits is the fig.  It’s true, dried figs are available throughout the year, but there is nothing like the lusciously sweet taste and unique texture of fresh figs.  I can get dried figs any time I feel the urge, but to find fresh figs is a true treat.  So … Continue reading Figs: My New Obsession

A Cake That Can’t Be “Beet”

I first stumbled across a Chocolate Beet Cake recipe when I was invited to a Dexter premier party.  We were all asked to bring a red food to fit the blood theme of the party.  What food did I immediately think of...beets!  The problem is, not everyone likes beets as much as I do, and … Continue reading A Cake That Can’t Be “Beet”

Presto Pesto

One of the best things about my CSA, besides all the super fresh organic produce, is the challenge each new week of food presents.  Often I find I am confronted with totally new vegetables, or an absolute abundance.  This week, it was basil.  We got more fresh basil than I have ever seen in my … Continue reading Presto Pesto

I Want Cereal!

A few nights ago I dreamed I ate a very large bowl of cereal.  But, it wasn’t just any cereal, it was one of the foods I had the hardest time breaking up with when I began to eat a cleaner diet.  My ex...Kashi Go Lean Crunch.  You know, the cereal that boasts it contains … Continue reading I Want Cereal!

I Ate A Donut!

Ok, so I really didn’t eat a donut.  Thought you had me there for a second, huh? But, what I ate tasted even better.  This week I was treated to a sweet, juicy, delicious (and distinctly donut-shaped) variety of peach called the Saturn peach.  These little babies can be tricky to find, but boy are … Continue reading I Ate A Donut!