Summer means party time!

The Bruins after winning the Stanley Cup.

Last night, for the first time since 1972 the Boston Bruins brought home the Stanley Cup!   This game was a highly anticipated sporting event and a great excuse to throw a party!  And, now that it’s summer it seems every weekend is reason enough to have a party.  But, for many of us a party is an excuse to indulge.  We eat too much, drink too much, and tell ourselves it is OK because hey, it’s a party!  Soon enough those shorts are feeling a bit too tight and you wouldn’t be caught dead in your bathing suit without your cover-up on!

 So, what is a quick simple solution to this party dilemma?  Easy, where ever you go this summer bring a giant green salad to share with your fellow party goers.  Bringing a giant salad to any party serves 3 major purposes: 

    1. It ensures you have something delicious and nutritious to eat – every time, every place.
    2. It provides others with delicious and nutritious food they may not be getting anywhere else at the party. 
    3. It showcases the incredibly fresh fruits and vegetables available during this time of year from your local CSA or Farmer’s Market!
A big beautiful salad is just what your party needs!

You may be surprised at all of the complements you get on how pretty and appetizing your salad looks.  People are innately drawn to the bold, beautiful, nourishing colors of the summer harvest and you’ll feel great providing others with food that helps move their bodies toward health.   Pile your plate high with a heaping serving of gorgeous greens and watch others do the same!

 Not sure how to dress you salad?  Try this recipe which also doubles as an amazing chicken marinade!

 Recipe for Kathryn’s Ginger Almond dressing:

Combine in a mason jar and shake until well incorporated.


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