Why I Love Coconuts (and You Should, Too!): Part 2

Coconut Water What do you drink when you want to drink something other than water? For me, it was always cranberry juice.  Back in the day I would drink Ocean Spray cranberry juice drink (sugar free, of course) like it was going out of style.  The words juice drink and sugar free, despite the sweet … Continue reading Why I Love Coconuts (and You Should, Too!): Part 2

Coffee & Dehydration: Fact or Myth

I find when people begin to make changes in their lives, especially concerning their diet, there are a few things they are less than willing to give up.  Needless to say, coffee is at the top of that list. For many of us a morning just isn’t complete without a cup of coffee.  For years … Continue reading Coffee & Dehydration: Fact or Myth