Corporate Coaching

Turn your office into a hive of health and happiness!

Dynamic, interactive workshops teach simple but effective methods to increase your employee’s wellness potential while group coaching builds community and a support system that greatly improves each individual’s level of success.   The end result – a happier, healthier, more productive group!


Workshops include a variety of topics all geared at helping individuals make better food and lifestyle choices.  Learn more about what Health Coaching is here.

Business News Daily – Healthy Workers are Productive Workers

Functional Movement:

Building strength through functional movement makes the tasks of every day life (like lifting the groceries) that much easier.  Functional movements:

  • Build muscle/ Increased muscle mass  (Why is this is important?  Click here.)
  • Reduce body fat/ Improved body composition  (Why is this is important?  Click here.)
  • Increase joint strength and flexibility
  • Reduce joint and muscle pain
  • Decrease instance of injury

Harvard Business Review – Regular Exercise Is Part of Your Job

Help your employees be happier, healthier, and more productive!  Inquire about topics and availability here, or check out what the corporate world is saying here.